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Tax Break! Ride

041407 npGREENWAY_taxbreak 008 Originally uploaded by npGREENWAY. We had a wonderful time riding the trails from the Willamette to the Columbia today. Thanks to everyone who turned out!

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Updated River Plan Status Report and Timeline

The April 12th Issue of the River Plan News was published today. The Greenway Trail section is pasted below for your convenience. If you would like to see the Report in its entirety, click the Report link below:Updated River Plan Status Report and Timeline Online The River Plan Status Report outlines the progress of River […]

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R I V E R P L A N N E W S . April 12, 2007

R I V E R P L A N N E W SApril 12, 2007Planning for the land along the Willamette RiverCity of Portland | Bureau of Planning IN THIS ISSUE April River Plan Committee Meeting Canceled; Save the Date for the May River Plan Committee Meeting Task Group Updates Updated River Plan Status Report […]

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npGREENWAY testifies to be included in TSP

The following is a summary of npGREENWAY’s request at City Council to include the North Portland Willamette Greenway in this year’s Transportation System Plan update. We knew we were going in with this request late, given that we are an all volunteer organization and have been focused on other activities, i.e. the River Plan, Metro’s […]

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The Bakfiets Cargobike: 4 year old on a bakfiets

The Bakfiets Cargobike: 4 year old on a bakfiets Now wouldn’t it be great to see a little girl like this pealing along the Willamette River on the North Portland Greenway? Thanks to the great post by Richard over at The Bakfiets Cargobike Blog.

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