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G R E E L E Y gauntlet (bike lane commute)

This Video attempts to document the poor cycling conditions where Greeley Avenue splits to the Interstate 5 Southbound on-ramp and the intersection of North Interstate Avenue. Rather than write a completely new post about this subject, I have compiled commentary from a BikePortland post and the npGREENWAY flickr page below the video. commenter #1 says: […]

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Cargo Bikes and Trailer Cycles UNITE!

This is what it could be like for families on the North Portland Willamette Greenway! I don’t yet know where this is shot, but the bikes were made in Eugene, Oregon, USA.

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An Inspirational Story from the BTA blog about family bike commuting

From the bta blog: An inspirational article from Angela. Please read and comment on the bta blog website. We need greenway trails, but we also need more bikes on the roads for a safer city for our children. I need your help to keep my daughter safe Posted by: AngelaMar 28 2008, 12:23 pm I […]

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Celebrate 2 years of!

Celebrate 2 years of! Originally uploaded by npGREENWAY Although npGREENWAY has been in existence since the fall of 2004, our web domain recently celebrated it’s 2nd anniversary. Thanks to our talented Webmaster, Jason Starman, for making it all happen!

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A snowy commute in Portland–in late March??!!??

A snowy commute-2.jpg Originally uploaded by Saw this on BikePortland today. It was a very cold Breakfast on the Bridges this morning, but it was well worth it for the coffee, donuts and conversation! Sort of an odd time to hand out Nekkid Ride flyers though, NoPo Cougar… ;0)

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Unlikely allies look to restore riverfront land

From the Portland Tribune: Unlikely allies look to restore riverfront land Creative plan to buy acreage for habitat wins nods from port, industry and activists, but needs city cash By Lee van der Voo The Portland Tribune, Mar 14, 2008 L.E. BASKOW / TRIBUNE FILE PHOTO Portland Harbor’s designation as a Superfund site and ongoing […]

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Landmark decision gives bike projects regional funding priority

From Landmark decision gives bike projects regional funding priority Posted by Jonathan Maus (Editor) on March 14th, 2008 at 3:07 pm “What this does is elevate bikes and peds as important and meaningful modes.”–ODOT Government Liaison Shelli Romero The wheels of change continue to spin toward a more balanced transportation system in our region. […]

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ietsje dichterbij nog

ietsje dichterbij nog Originally uploaded by wiro.karen I just couldn’t help but passing this photo along. I love the look of wonder on the child’s face… This could be our experience here in Portland if we continue to place faith in the use of bicycles for primary transportation. Photo by wiro.karen on flickr

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