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Here today…. gone tomorrow?

Big Kid FunOriginally uploaded by npGREENWAY I am attempting to document Triangle Park as best I can before it is all transformed into a University River Campus. The graffiti and tired, worn out buildings have a strange sort of beauty to them that I will miss. For those of you who don’t know, this property […]

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inauguration from space | people? or ants?

inauguration from space | people? or ants?Originally uploaded by npGREENWAY One of our npGREENWAY members was at President Obama’s Inauguration yesterday. I tried to pick her out in this photo, but I think I’m still going to need a little higher resolution! Were you there? I met a family on the MAX today who had […]

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This Bridge Needs to be BUILT!!!

Concept of Waud Bluff Bridge Section from The Swan Island Trails Action PlanOriginally uploaded by npGREENWAY There is much talk about “Economic Stimulus Packages” these days and Bike/Bridge projects being fast tracked.(See: this BikePortland Article ) However, the Waud Bluff Trail bridge has been languishing in the funded but not built category for nearly five […]

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Where did Matt ride in 2008?

Portland BikingOriginally uploaded by Matt.Picio Bike enthusiast and Portlander, Matt Picio recently posted a map that traces all of his biking around Portland in 2008. It is quite the amazing map and really shows how a bike can be used for transportation in this town. In the future, we hope more of his “red lines” […]

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