npGREENWAY testifies to be included in TSP

The following is a summary of npGREENWAY’s request at City Council to include the North Portland Willamette Greenway in this year’s Transportation System Plan update. We knew we were going in with this request late, given that we are an all volunteer organization and have been focused on other activities, i.e. the River Plan, Metro’s Regional Trail Group, walk and bike ride events, community meetings, etc. etc.

The City Council did not take up an amendment request at the hearing for the North Portland Willamette Greenway Trail to be include in the 2007 Transportation System Plan; however we were heartened by the response of both our supporters and Sam Adams, the Commissioner of Transportation. A number of supporters responded to an email alert and called or emailed city staff prior to the hearing expressing their support the trail. Staff referred to these calls at the hearing. Sam Adams explained that he was unable to introduce an amendment at the Council meeting, without having made arrangements in advance and was concerned about the ongoing River Plan process that is taking up an update of the entire Willamette Greenway. npGREENWAY had proposed that the North Portland Willamette Greenway does not need to wait for the entire River Plan process–of which trails are only a part.

Despite not introducing an amendment to the TSP update at this time, Commissioner Adams stated his support for the trail, and cited the fact that he is a North Portland resident. Commissioner Adams had been on a tour with npGREENWAY and the Swan Island Transportation Management Association so he was familiar with our organization. The tour visited the location of one of the greenway connecting trails–the Waud Bluff Trail**.

Commissioner Adams requested more information about what npGREENWAY considers necessary for an update of a 2002 feasibility study for the North Portland Willamette Greenway.

npGREENWAY will continue working to get the entire North Willamette Greenway Trail with neighborhood connections from the Steel Bridge to the St Johns Bridge included in City and Metro funding plans.

To get involved, come to an event hosted by npGREENWAY or to just learn more about our organization, please check out the website

**Waud Bluff Trail will extend from the top of Waud Bluff near the N Willamette Blvd and N Harvard, down the bluff, with a bridge across the rail road track and on to the north end of Basin Avenue. This new link will provide the only paved access to the future Willamette Greenway Trail, Swan Island jobs and river related recreation from the north end of the island. The Waud Bluff trail has received funding and we hope to see construction complete by the end of 2008.

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