Volunteers Needed!

What a great ride last night! At the gathering in Kenton Park Roger Geller asked me what npGREENWAY needs to make our Vision a Reality. This is a fantastic question and we could go on for hours trying to answer it. However, I stated that we would have posted on our web site a List of Volunteer Needs. So…. here it is

npGREENWAY Volunteer Needs:
Interested? Send us an email and we’ll get back to you


Join one of our committees: government relations, outreach and communications, events, or dogging Waud Bluff construction

If you don’t want to make an ongoing committee commitment here are some one time jobs:
Write letters or call in support of the trail to City Council and Metro Council members
Attend government agency meetings supporting npGreenway
Talk to North Portland businesses to support us financially
Download the vision map and post it at community gathering places
Lead walks or bike rides to highlight the future trail locations
Bring friends to npGreenway walks and bike rides
Put up flyers for events
Work on our website
Graphic design a brochure
design a digital slideshow with tons of slides we have


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