npGreenway Board

Shelley Oylear, Chairperson of the Board

has been involved in the community in a variety of ways since moving to North Portland 14 years ago including serving on her neighborhood association, committees, community garden, and NP Greenway. As a transportation engineer and planner she has experience working on wide range of projects in the NW, but since becoming a regular bicycle commuter 10 years ago she has focused on integrating cycling, walking, and transit into our transportation system to provide safe travel options for all users of all abilities. Shelley firmly believes NP Greenway a legacy project for all existing and future Portlanders.

Pam Arden, Treasurer of the Board

Pam has been a Kenton resident for over 29 years and became a community activist in North Portland shortly after her arrival.  Her many contributions to North Portland include work as a teacher,  coordinator of Caring Community of North Portland and a 40 Mile Loop Land Trust board member.  Pam’s hard work was vital in the creation of the Peninsula Crossing Trail. As a co-founder of npGREENWAY she continues to work towards a network of trails in North Portland for the health and welfare of the community.

Lenny Anderson, Board Member

Lenny Anderson, a longtime advocate of the npGREENWAY, speaking at an event.

Lenny Anderson, a longtime advocate of the npGREENWAY, speaking at an event.

Until his retirement as Executive Director of the Swan Island Business Association at the end of 2013, Lenny worked for over 25 years on Swan Island, commuting there by bus and bike and enjoying an almost daily walk along the Willamette Greenway Trail.

Between 2000  and 2012 he managed the Swan Island Transportation Management Association whose mission continues to be the improvement of freight access to Swan Island by increasing commutes by transit, rideshare, bike and walk.

During his tenure at the TMA and SIBA, the Willamette Greenway Trail was lengthened to over one mile, Waud Bluff Trail was built as well as “The Captain’s Walk” to the Shipyards and “Going to the River” along N. Going Street.

The Willamette Greenway Trail thru Swan Island will improve access to jobs, offer better connectivity between Swan Island businesses, and offer nearby residents improved access to some lively stretches of the working Willamette River.Shelley Oylear, Board Chairperson

Russ Bronson, Board Member

Russ has been a Northeast Portland resident for over 23 years and been a avid cyclist for over 35 years. He has volunteered in various projects in the community including the Safe walk program and wrenching on Bikes for the Jump start program for Street Trust. Russ has recently retired from FedEx after 35 years and is looking forward to improving access and trails along the Willamette river corridor.

Cynthia Newton, Board Member

Cynthia is a trial lawyer and partner at Thomas, Coon, Newton & Frost, where she has been a lawyer and community activist in Portland for more than 14 years. In addition to her active membership in several bar groups, she regularly gives bicycle/pedestrian rights and safety clinics for a wide variety of Portland groups, including women’s cycling groups, young women’s groups and companies interested in increasing non-vehicle commuting and recreation. Cynthia is committed to npGreenway because, as an off road pedestrian and bicycle trail, it will provide a safe route for all Portlanders to enjoy, providing a vital connection from the confluence through North Portland to the north end of the Steel Bridge. This route will provide encourage recreation and commuting with less traffic and increased health benefits and thus benefit the whole community.

Francie Royce, Board Member

Francie is a co-founder of npGreenway. She was a planner and project manager with the City of Portland Transportation Options Divison for a number of years. While with the City, she was a member of the national conference Rail-Volution planning committee. Through her diverse travels Francie realized how people all over the country look to Portland to set the standard for land use and transportation planning and programs, especially biking and pedestrians. She loves to walk and bicycle in the Portland metro region, and walk in cities whenever she travels.

Valued Former Board Members:

  • Joe Adamski
  • Paul Maresh
  • Scott Mizee
  • Curt Schneider
  • Jason Starman
  • Beate Hoelscher
  • Josh Palmer
  • Sarah  Angell
  • Michael Parkhurst


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