• Swan Island view from the Waud Bluff Trail

    Swan Island view from Waud Bluff Trail

See 2015 Vision Map linked in Footer.

Imagine a 10-mile trail …

from the east end of the Steel Bridge to the confluence of the Willamette and Columbia Rivers. The npGREENWAY is a growing trail system linking North Portland neighborhoods with the Willamette River for recreation and access to jobs.

This is a long-term project with many components supported by volunteers, sponsors, neighborhood organizations, local government and private business.

The entire North Portland Greenway trail is divided into 5 segments, each with it’s own challenges.  Here is a table of the segments:  npGreenwayTrailSegments

Your donations will help npGreenway volunteers advocate for the completion of the North Portland Greenway Trail.

Donate to make it a reality!

Bridge Over Columbia Boulevard Update

Join us online to learn more about an important new section of the North Portland Greenway. This new bike and pedestrian bridge over Columbia Boulevard will link Chimney Park to St. Johns Prairie and connect our community to more opportunities to bike, walk or roll safely.

Bridge over Columbia Blvd.

npGreenway Awarded NPS Grant

On June 1, 2021, the National Park Service (NPS), Rivers, Trails and Conservation Assistance (RTCA) Program notified the npGreenway Board that npGreenway has received a National Parks Service Grant. The grant will provide the organization with technical assistance from the National Park Service to strengthen our organization’s advocacy impact with Public Agencies to be more successful in furthering the construction of the North Portland Greenway Trail.  In addition, the NFS grant will provide expertise in strategic planning, approaches for improving collaboration, increasing community involvement, identifying additional funding sources, and improved organizational structure to drive the successful completion of the trail.

The grant is effective immediately and we expect to begin work with the selected NPS team during the 2021 summer.

UPDATE:  Due to COVID issues, the grant implementation was delayed until Fall 2022.


Comment now on Parks and Nature Bond Trails Grant allocations

The public comment period for $67.3 million to improve trails, sidewalks and roadways is now open through June 21. Let decision makers know you want them to approve funding for both Projects #20, North Portland Greenway – Kelley Point Park to the North Slough and #21, North Portland Greenway – St Johns Prairie to Cathedral Park.

. This funding comes from Metro’s Regional Flexible Funds allocation and from the 2019 Parks and Nature Bond.

There are a variety of ways to comment:

Willamette Cove is worth a full cleanup  (Portland Tribune opinion 6/1/2022)

The Willamette Cove property has been owned and managed by Metro since 1996, when Metro
purchased it using funds from the 1995 Metro Open Spaces Bond Measure 26-26.

Metro has the money to clean up this great urban greenway, but does it have the will to do so?


Flashback to 2010 on the npGREENWAY Trail Ride Video

Join Scott Mizee, Jason Starman, two-dozen Pedalpalooza riders and filmmaker Dan Kaufman as they tour the existing and aspirational sections of the North Portland Greenway Trail.

Date of original post: November 10, 2010.

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