Cargo Bikes and Trailer Cycles UNITE!

This is what it could be like for families on the North Portland Willamette Greenway! I don’t yet know where this is shot, but the bikes were made in Eugene, Oregon, USA.

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One Response to Cargo Bikes and Trailer Cycles UNITE!

  1. libcycle March 30, 2008 at 5:39 pm #

    Lucky dog…

    Mine used to get taken around Davis in a rear trailer, but he didn’t like it. Used to strain against the leash/restraint and bark at anyone I passed. Keeping one’s precious cargo up front seems like such a good idea.

    I’m wondering if Angela and Libby would experience their commute differently with such a set up, or if people’s negative perception is based more on seeing children on bicycles outside of suburban cul-de-sacs. What is the usual reaction you get from people when you and the kids are our out with the Bakfiets?

    I know that using a trailer can be worrisome because I don’t see where it is exactly and worry that I am not positioning myself well (for the safety of who/whatever I’m towing). If only cargo-up-front options were as accessible (in terms of price) as trailers (got mine on craigslist for about $50).


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