¡¡¡ Our Neighbors to the South Need our Help !!!

See this great post on BikePortland.org which goes into further detail about the issues playing out on the SE Willamette shoreline here in Portland.

It would be a good idea for you to read through the comments if you are at all interested in this issue–and I trust you are if you came to the npGREENWAY website.

I especially like this comment from Jim Labbe:

” Jim Labbe Comment #13
March 14th, 2007 07:01 The current Willamette Greenway trail regulations were adopted prior to Dolan vs. City of Tigard. The City is currently updating the Willamette Greenway standards (for trails as well as other goals such as water quality and habitat protection and enhancement) through the River Plan process. Dolan vs. Tigard is on of many issues. The Bureau of Planning just released a report “Developing the River Plan/North Reach: A Summary of Willamette Greenway Plan Implementation Issues and Solutions” for public review (comments due March 16th). The report summarizes the key issues and potential solutions in revising greenway standards: http://www.portlandonline.com/shared/cfm/image.cfm?id=147896 Those concerned about ensuring future provision of the Willamette Greenway Trail, should get involved in this process. The bearing of Dolan vs. the City of Tigard on future challenges to trail standards may depend on how well the City coordinates trail planning with the City’s transportation plans and regulations and thereby establishing nexus that makes bike-ped trail development part of a plan for fostering a more diverse and balanced transportation system in the City of Portland. Jim”

Please get your comments in to the Bureau of Planning as soon as possible. They are due this Friday, March 16th!

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