Imagine a 10-mile trail …

See 2015 Vision Map linked in Footer.

.. from the east end of the Steel Bridge to the confluence of the Willamette and Columbia Rivers. The npGREENWAY is a growing trail system linking North Portland neighborhoods with the Willamette River for recreation and access to jobs.

This is a long-term project with many components supported by volunteers, sponsors, neighborhood organizations, local government and private business.

The entire North Portland Greenway trail is divided into 5 segments, each with it’s own challenges.  Here is a table of the segments:  npGreenwayTrailSegments

Your donations will help npGreenway volunteers advocate for the completion of the North Portland Greenway Trail.

Flashback to 2010:  npGREENWAY Trail Ride

Join Scott Mizee, Jason Starman, two-dozen Pedalpalooza riders and filmmaker Dan Kaufman as they tour the existing and aspirational sections of the North Portland Greenway Trail.

Date of original post: November 10, 2010.

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