Some quality Oregon-built bikes

The Bakfietsen have been making some waves in Portland, but a mere 100 miles to the south are two very worthy bicycle manufacturers we should keep in mind.

The Center for Appropriate Transport in Eugene has several of what they call human powered machines (HPMs) of different types and configurations. The one that came to mind first when I saw a picture of a Bakfiets is this one.

There’s also Bike Friday, which makes custom-fitted folding bikes, including modular tandem and three-seater bicycles. There was a bicycle taxi service on campus that used two and three seater bikes when I was a student at University of Oregon. I don’t know if the taxu service is still in existence, but the folks who made their bikes still are.

2 Responses to Some quality Oregon-built bikes

  1. Scott Mizée npGREENWAY February 6, 2007 at 11:17 am #

    I agree with Adam, that even as excited as I am about the connection with my Dutch heritage and the idea of Baktietsen all over town here, I DO like the idea of such a cargo bike being made locally.
    Has anyone done an objective comparison of the two (HPM Long Haul vs. Bakfiets) online anywhere? I have ridden both of them to compare before, but I’d like to hear an objective comparison. –you know, sort of like what you see that guy doing for cars on that weekend PBS Show. 🙂

  2. Adam February 8, 2007 at 8:13 pm #

    I think it will boil down to personal preference, just like everything else when it comes to bikes. That’s why I have an old 12-speed with a huge frame and that guy over there has a fixed gear thing with chopped drop bars and that woman there has a mountain bike with road slicks. So much of it boils down to sizing and fit. The advantage of the two Oregon shops is that they are local enough you can go get fitted for a custom frame and small enough that they will actually build one for you.

    I am also excited about the Bakfietsen. I tend to like MORE options as opposed to limited options, so having the Bakfietsen here just gives people one less excuse to reflexively drive everywhere.

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