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G R E E L E Y gauntlet (bike lane commute)

This Video attempts to document the poor cycling conditions where Greeley Avenue splits to the Interstate 5 Southbound on-ramp and the intersection of North Interstate Avenue. Rather than write a completely new post about this subject, I have compiled commentary from a BikePortland post and the npGREENWAY flickr page below the video. commenter #1 says: […]

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Unlikely allies look to restore riverfront land

From the Portland Tribune: Unlikely allies look to restore riverfront land Creative plan to buy acreage for habitat wins nods from port, industry and activists, but needs city cash By Lee van der Voo The Portland Tribune, Mar 14, 2008 L.E. BASKOW / TRIBUNE FILE PHOTO Portland Harbor’s designation as a Superfund site and ongoing […]

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Landmark decision gives bike projects regional funding priority

From BikePortland.org: Landmark decision gives bike projects regional funding priority Posted by Jonathan Maus (Editor) on March 14th, 2008 at 3:07 pm “What this does is elevate bikes and peds as important and meaningful modes.”–ODOT Government Liaison Shelli Romero The wheels of change continue to spin toward a more balanced transportation system in our region. […]

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Walking the Greenway Trail on Swan Island

This post is written by npGREENWAY Acting Director, Francie Royce and originally appeared on her blog. –A well edited version of this story appears in Walk About Magazine Jan/Feb 2008 Swan Island, an industrial hub in North Portland, home to heavy industry and distribution warehouses, would seem an unlikely location for a trail for wildlife […]

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|| npGREENWAY no 007 || Action Alert! :: Give your Input River Plan Meeting Tonight! :: npGREENWAY community meeting :: Metro Open House

npGREENWAY Newsletter North Portland Greenway Trail Advocacy 2007 May 15 Issue no 007:: Give your Input at the River Plan Meeting Tonight! :: :: npGREENWAY community meeting :: :: Metro Open House :: River Plan meeting TONIGHT! Tuesday, May 15th 5pm-7pm Please come tonight and express your support for a trail along the Willamette River […]

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Come Ride wtih us TONIGHT!

We at npGREENWAY are very excited about the Ride through North Portland tonight and wanted to share with you the text from the back of the map for tonights ride: Bicycle Master Plan Ride #4: North PortlandMay 1, 2007 Brief DescriptionThis 4th Bicycle Master Plan Ride will explore some of the bicycle lanes and off-street […]

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Updated River Plan Status Report and Timeline

The April 12th Issue of the River Plan News was published today. The Greenway Trail section is pasted below for your convenience. If you would like to see the Report in its entirety, click the Report link below:Updated River Plan Status Report and Timeline Online The River Plan Status Report outlines the progress of River […]

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npGREENWAY testifies to be included in TSP

The following is a summary of npGREENWAY’s request at City Council to include the North Portland Willamette Greenway in this year’s Transportation System Plan update. We knew we were going in with this request late, given that we are an all volunteer organization and have been focused on other activities, i.e. the River Plan, Metro’s […]

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