Where did Matt ride in 2008?

Portland Biking
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Bike enthusiast and Portlander, Matt Picio recently posted a map that traces all of his biking around Portland in 2008. It is quite the amazing map and really shows how a bike can be used for transportation in this town.

In the future, we hope more of his “red lines” will be along the North Willamette waterfront on the trail alignment envisioned by npGREENWAY.

Matt had this to say about his endeavors on a local e-mail list serve for SHIFT to bikes:

Most of you know I’m rather… obsessive about recording my mileage when I ride – and I put together a map. My GPS tracks where I’ve been, and my map software automatically imports those tracks and displays them for me.

I rode over 6,300 miles this year, compared to 5,200 last year and 3,400 the year before that. I spent 613 hours actually seated on my bike this past year – that’s equivalent to spending 38 days (assuming 8 hours sleep each day) doing nothing but riding.

My goal for 2009 is 10,000 miles (like the Air Force says, “Aim High”) –
we’ll see how I do.

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