npGreenway Board

Francie Royce, Acting President of the Board

Francie is a co-founder of npGreenway. She was a planner and project manager with the City of Portland Transportation Options Divison for a number of years. While with the City, she was a member of the national conference Rail-Volution planning committee. Through her diverse travels Francie realized how people all over the country look to Portland to set the standard for land use and transportation planning and programs, especially biking and pedestrians. She loves to walk and bicycle in the Portland metro region, and walk in cities whenever she travels.

Pam Arden, Treasurer of the Board

Pam has been a Kenton resident for over 30 years and became a community activist in North Portland shortly after her arrival.  Her many contributions to North Portland include work as a teacher,  coordinator of Caring Community of North Portland and a 40 Mile Loop Land Trust board member.  Pam’s hard work was vital in the creation of the Peninsula Crossing Trail. As a co-founder of npGREENWAY she continues to work towards a network of trails in North Portland for the health and welfare of the community.

Emily Mannisto, Board Member

Emily is a Transportation Planner with a focus on trails, active transportation, corridor redevelopment and mobility hubs.

Jeffrey Lang, Board Member

Jeff’s civic and community service includes the City of Portland Combined Sewer Overflow Commission, Friends of Tyron Creek, and other community organizations.  Jeff brings deep roots with justice advocacy which began with volunteering for Cesar Chavez and the National Farm Workers Association.

Patricia Jewett, Board Member

I joined the npGreenway Board in 2017 after graduating from the America Walks online College.
I am eager to work on closing the trail gaps with the current Board. I enjoy walking and biking and am involved in active transportation advocacy.

I attend quarterly Metro Trails meetings and enjoy attending the annual Oregon Trails Summit. One of my assets is learning, listening and networking between the groups I am involved in, in order to share information. I also serve on the 40 Mile Loop Board.

I serve on the Smith Bybee Lakes Advisory committee and will be serving on the North Portland Parks Committee. Both of these groups will help keep me informed on issues regarding the npGreenway Trail.

I am involved in Volkswalking on a state and national level. I serve on America’s Walking Club Publicity Committee.

When I am not not busy volunteering I enjoy writing, learning about nature and reading. I also write a blog for the Walking and Hiking Channel for Groupworks. Currently, the blog reaches over 5900 subscribers. And I have a website which is in its 8th year.

Jay Bockelman, Board Member

Jay has a passion for using bikes as a primary form of transportation, and wanted to translate that passion into action.  Joining the npGreenway Board has opened up an avenue for getting involved with alternative modes of transportation – for work, pleasure, school and errands.  Currently Jay teaches Computer Science and Game Design at Portland Community College.

Valued Former Board Members:

  • Trang Lam
  • Steve McClure
  • Lenny Anderson
  • Cynthia Newton
  • Shelley Oylear
  • Aaron Michaelson
  • Joe Adamski
  • Paul Maresh
  • Scott Mizee
  • Curt Schneider
  • Jason Starman
  • Beate Hoelscher
  • Josh Palmer
  • Sarah  Angell
  • Michael Parkhurst
  • Russ Bronson


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