CBS News: Portland “farthest down the road in making itself bike friendly”

CBS News Sunday Morning
Pedal Power
With Gas Above $4 A Gallon, More And More People Are Trading In Four Wheels For Two
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[…Several cities like San Francisco, Chicago and Minneapolis are known for their bicycle facilities. But the one that’s farthest down the road in making itself bike friendly is Portland, Oregon.

Mayor-elect Sam Adams is Portland’s transportation commissioner. He’ll soon preside over the country’s biggest bicycling success story.

Remember, less than one percent of Americans cycle for transportation, but here in Portland, that number reaches six percent, and as high as 15 percent in some neighborhoods.

At Clever Cycles, Portlanders can even buy the bike equivalent of an SUV. One model can carry a thousand pounds.

Spend a little time in Portland, and you’ll soon be struck by not just the number of bikers, but their variety…]

Bicycle Mania! Video
Bicylce Mania
Americans are soon coming to realize that bicycles are fun and a great green alternative to automobiles. Serena Altschul examines the longstanding appeal, and recent renewed interest, of the bicycle.
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