This Bridge Needs to be BUILT!!!

There is much talk about “Economic Stimulus Packages” these days and Bike/Bridge projects being fast tracked.
(See: this BikePortland Article )

However, the Waud Bluff Trail bridge has been languishing in the funded but not built category for nearly five years now. We need to get this built!

Click on this image for adjacent images on the flickr page that give a description of the project from the Swan Island Trails Action plan, January, 2004.

The Waud Bluff Trail Concept Plan

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One Response to This Bridge Needs to be BUILT!!!

  1. Scott Mizée April 1, 2009 at 4:58 pm #

    Excellent news about Waud Bluff! BES has agreed to grant Parks $192,000 to help bridge the budget gap and build the lower portion of trail!

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