Connecting Green

Connecting Green
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npGREENWAY is excited to be participating in Connecting Green. Connecting Green is a region wide initiative among organizations with overlapping goals to “create the world’s greatest systems of parks, trails, and natural areas.”
This is a high goal, but given our natural heritage, one that we believe is achievable. Click on the link to watch a video created by Metro staff for the first meeting of the “Blue Ribbon Committee for Trails.” Thanks to Metro for creating such a great kick-off video. We are excited to see how the Blue Ribbon Committee progresses.
Connecting Green Blue Ribbon Trails Video.

From Metro:

“Blue Ribbon Committee for Trails

“On April 24, 2008 the Metro Council confirmed members of a Blue Ribbon Committee for Trails of civic, elected and business leaders to propose a funding strategy to complete the region’s network of bicycle and walking trails.

“Watch the “Connecting green” video. Portland is known as one of the most bicycle and walking friendly metropolitan areas in the US. The committee will review the benefits that the region receives from this distinction and the benefits that could accrue if the regional trail system were fully built out.”

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