no 032 || Waud Bluff Trail needs to be part of Fed Stimulus Funding

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2009 March 02 Issue no 032
Support NEEDED from Mayor, Parks and Metro for Waud Bluff Trail in Stimulus Funding!
deadline for input tomorrow March 3rd
NOTE: the deadline for submitting public comments may be extended if substantial changes are made to project list.

As you have no doubt seen, heard, or read in the news, The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act is attempting to economically stimulate our economy by distributing funds across the country. “Metro anticipates about $38 million to be available to fund city and county transportation projects in the Portland metropolitan region as part of the federal economic stimulus package. Because the stimulus package is geared toward immediate job creation, the project selection process is on a short timeline.”[1]

As many of you know, Waud Bluff Trail was originally awarded $1.2 Million after an incredibly competitive grant application process in the fall of 2004. There were projects from all over the state in the running for a fairly small pot…$7 Million or so. Unfortunately due to a number of factors the $1.2 Million is no longer enough to get the trail built and there is a significant funding gap before design and construction can proceed.

According to the Portland Parks department project manager’s budget, an additional $1.6 million is needed to close the funding gap and get this important project built!
That is a small price to pay in exchange for the economic benefits and livability dividends it would provide for our city and neighborhoods.

Early this year, we watched the Mayor stand alongside the Daimler Truck CEO at their First Gear Academy Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and proclaim his support for Daimler and this part of the city. The Waud Bluff Trail not only benefits Daimler and its families going to First Gear Academy, but also UPS, Adidas North America, The University of Portland and countless other large and small employers alike.

I have heard Rex Burkholder, Metro Councilor and Chair of the 17 member Joint Policy Advisory Committee on Transportation, proclaim that Waud Bluff needs to be built and is a great example of a project that should receive stimulus dollars.

However, from our understanding, it is NOT currently on the list!

Portland citizens voiced their opinion nearly 5 years ago and secured funds that were supposed to have had this project built by now.

Please contact Mayor Adams, Councilor Burkholder and Commissioner Fish and ask them to help restore the public trust and put this project on the Federal Stimulus list to receive the necessary funding to be built! This may be the only chance to fill the funding gap anytime in the near future. …and it would create jobs now!

Key Items to remember:

  • Its ready to go,
  • its a key link to jobs on Swan Island,
  • it connects the community to the future North Willamette Greenway Trail,
  • it provides safe passage over Union Pacific Railroad via an already heavily used path,
  • its supported by UPS, US Coast Guard, adidas America, Overlook NA and the Swan Island Business Association.

Please contact your elected officials:Sam Adams, Mayor
Phone: (503)823-4120
e-mail: Commissioner Nick Fish
(503) 823-3589

Metro Councilor Rex Burkholder
503-797-1546 | 503-797-1793 fax

Thank you to our friends for all of your support. Your voice is being heard and it
does make a difference. We will be sending you more letters soon about upcoming walks and bike rides this summer–and those won’t require any letters or public testimony on your part!

3 Responses to no 032 || Waud Bluff Trail needs to be part of Fed Stimulus Funding

  1. Scott Mizée April 1, 2009 at 4:59 pm #

    Excellent news about Waud Bluff! BES has agreed to grant Parks $192,000 to help bridge the budget gap and build the lower portion of trail!

  2. Scott Mizée April 1, 2009 at 5:01 pm #

    I should clarify that Waud Bluff DID NOT make it into the initial stimulus package funding. There is some hope that it may still be able to qualify for a second round later this year. That is still to be determined.

    Thank you to everyone who called and e-mailed their elected officials. It made a difference!

  3. Glennda April 21, 2011 at 1:48 pm #

    This is a good news. Heck, it means development and jobs. By the way, does the people happy about this? I mean there might be some who would oppose to this project?

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