University of Portland Land Purchase Falls Apart

An article by Stephen Beaven in the January 5th edition of the Oregonian’s Metro Section reported that “The University of Portland filed suit Thursday against barge-builder Jay Zidell after a $4.8 million deal to buy 35 acres of land adjacent to the North Portland campus fell apart at the 11th hour.
“[…] The crux of the dispute is access to a moorage in the Willamette River just offshore from the site, according to Zidell. He wanted to continue using the moorage to dock barges and other watercraft.
“Laura Kelly, a spokeswoman for the university, confirmed that the two sides couldn’t come to terms on the moorage issue after trading a series of proposals. The deal fell apart Tuesday afternoon, she said, but declined to comment on the details of the talks.
“The university announced plans to buy the site from Zidell’s Triangle Park LLC in July 2005 so it could expand recreational and green space facilities for students and the surrounding neighborhood. The two sides had a De. 31 deadline to complete the deal.”

Stay tuned for public commentary by npGREENWAY on this subject.
See this post on the UP’s website for more background information about the proposed purchase.

2 Responses to University of Portland Land Purchase Falls Apart

  1. Joe Adamski January 6, 2007 at 10:54 pm #

    I am rather curious about the impact of mooring barges off the shore of the property. What impact could one expect,other than a lack of a view? is there a safety concern,or does Zidell need an moorage on shore to service these barges?

    Since I dont know what Zidell expects,I cant form an opinion of their merits; I do know that I am disappointed to see this part of the trail perhaps become less possible.

    Is there a possibility of building the trail with this property still in Zidells hands?

    I know thats a premature question,but i have to ask.

  2. Scott Mizée npGREENWAY January 8, 2007 at 2:59 pm #

    Someone more knowledgable than I would have to answer the question about the impact of mooring barges off the shore of the property. However, my understanding is that Mr. Zidell has a long term lease with the State to do so.

    Perhaps this does not make this part of the trail less possible? Maybe Mr. Zidell would allow an easement? …or is that just pie in the sky? I don’t know his history. Doe anyone else have any knowledge of the subject?

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