Crucial Opportunity For Trail Construction

crucial opportunity to complete the northern-most segment of the
Willamette Greenway trail is here. Metro has submitted a grant, that
if funded, will construct the segment between Kelley Point Park and
Pier Park (Segment 1
is going through a project selection process NOW. Review the grant
application and fill out the 5 minute survey to make your choice
known. Deadline for survey submission is Thursday,
January 31.
Metro grant application (
Applications/087_Portland Park and Rec_Metro.pdf)
ODOT Survey (

is the complete message from Metro:


you interested in plans to build a 4-mile section of the Willamette
Greenway Trail between Chimney and Kelley Point parks in North
Portland? Then please take a minute to let the Oregon Department of
Transportation know what you think about this and other projects
being evaluated for active transportation grants.

go to the survey,
fill in the required information, select the “Portland and
Washington County” area of interest, then weigh in on project #87:
Willamette Greenway. The more support a proposal receives, the
stronger its chance of being funded. The
deadline for comments is next Thursday, January 31.

and Portland Parks submitted a proposal to do the design and
engineering work needed to complete this section of the Willamette
Greenway, which is also part of the 40-Mile Loop and the North
Portland Greenway Trail. You can read the full application here.
A separate application to build
trail was submitted to another ODOT grant program, and is working its
way through the process.
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