Please get your comments in for ODOT funding!

As you may know an important trail link is on the 150% list for ODOT funding.  This project would connect the Pier Park bridge and Chimney Park with a bridge over Columbia Boulevard and trail up to the St. Johns Landfill overlook.  It’s a key link in both the NpGreenway and the 40-Mile Loop.  It’s approximately $5 million in transportation funding. 
Comments in support are due by June 30th.  It’s so important that people write in and support this application.  Please forward to the largest possible list and let people know that comments are due by June 30.  The project is listed under Metro and is titled Willamette Grnwy Trail: Chimney Park/Kelley Pt Park.  The comment is in the form of an e-mail and could be as simple as “ I support this trail project with the bridge over Columbia Boulevard and the connection to the St. Johns Landfill.” 
If the link does not work, you may also send comments to this e-mail address:

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  1. Ryan Vail October 23, 2013 at 3:27 am #

    Any updates? Site hasn't changed in 4 months.

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