Gold is not Good Enough. Portland presses for Platinum!

Last night I had the great pleasure of representing npGREENWAYat the Bike Gallery downtown. It was a very well attended event where the room bulged with everyone who has anything to do with bikes in Portland. The event celebrated one of the largest bike manufacturer’s naming its new commuting bike after our fair city. Introducing the new Trek Portland. Chris Smith wrote a great article about it on his highly recommended blog (yes I tend to post there quite often) Portland Transport.

In tandem with the celebration by bike makers and sellers (ok, so there were no tandems that I saw there, but couldn’t resist commenting on the some-what-unintentional-pun), was the kick-off of the City of Portland’s new Go Platinum! campaign.

A great many things were promised for the bike community last night. We at npGREENWAY want to be part of reaching that goal. One thing that Commissioner Sam Adams promised was that we will have a city with a vastly improved bikeway network. Not just trails along the river–although npGREENWAY would be ecstatic if that were to happen soon–but also bikeways in every other part of town–WITH NO GAPS. This is a significant promise and we are ready to help achieve that goal. We look forward to continuing to work together, and with your help, we will achieve the goal of no gaps!

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