Successful 2nd npGREENWAY Community Meeting

We held our second npGREENWAY Community Meeting last night. I am pleased to announce that it was a great success. Many in attendance were willing to commit to “ambassador” roles to community groups they are involved in. Our agenda included the following:


FUNDING: npGREENWAY has applied for partial funding via
Portland Community Vision Project Their website reports 142 applicants.

CALENDAR:Upcoming Events, Opportunities for Involvement,
Review Calendar and Schedule Regular Bi-monthly Meetings,
Website Development

We are pleased that a meeting attendee who is a web developer by day has volunteered to help us transform into a website worthy of this cause. If you would like to lend additional support through your graphic design skills or web development skills, please let me know at

Thank you everyone who attended the meeting. We are more excited than ever about the promise of achieving the vision of npGREENWAY!

2 Responses to Successful 2nd npGREENWAY Community Meeting

  1. Pete Jacobsen February 21, 2006 at 7:14 am #

    Did the group specify when/where the next meeting would be?

  2. Scott Mizée npGREENWAY February 21, 2006 at 1:44 pm #

    Thanks for asking, Pete. We did not set our next meeting date that night. We are currently planning the date and time. We did decide that we would like to meet every other month, provided that there is new information to discuss. Therefore, our next meeting will be toward the end of March. We plan on it being in North Portland, hopefully closer to the Swan Island area. Is there a night of the week that works better for you? So far, our meetings have been on a Monday evening and a Tuesday evening.

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